Life in the Passenger Seat

Unexpected events in life can leave us feeling as merely a passenger in our own life. Unlike the times when we treat life like a spectator sport, these moments can leave us feeling out of control. We can sometimes end up feeling like our actions do not matter, like nothing we do matters or, worse yet, like we do not matter.

I have been on several recent road trips where I was not the driver. I worried about how fast the driver was going  or whether or not the driver was being attentive to traffic. I spent so much time focusing on the driver and their driving that I did not enjoy the ride. Perhaps, I should have trusted the driver and just  looked out the window.

The last taxi cab drive I took left me fearing for my life. The driver texted and talked on the phone while searching through their purse as they drove on the highway to get me to my hotel. Perhaps, I just have not taken enough taxi cab rides in my life.

I typically drive myself to and from work.  I do not take public transportation.  I do not car pool with others.  Perhaps, I should.

In all of these situations, I see myself not taking any action.

Life can be scary, but we should not go through life scared to act.

When unexpected events in life happen, we can typically take some sort of action in response to them or we can choose to just sit back and watch things happen.  It is not always easy to determine when we should act and when we should try to just enjoy the ride. However, we should learn to trust ourselves when we get feelings of anxiety, uncertainty or curiosity in response to situations we may face in life where we are not in control. We may not always feel like our actions matter, but even taking small steps to voice our concerns or alleviate our anxiety or even try new things could make a significant positive impact in our experiences and our outlook on life.