Fall foliage captivates us with its dramatic display of red and golden hues.  We owe ourselves our own season of transformation.  We should not be afraid to shamelessly bare ourselves, our true selves, without pretense or conformity.  We often anchor ourselves to ideals, perceptions and experiences that may no longer hold true for us or give us strength.  If we could only be like the trees, we may not be afraid to show our true colors.  Could we then be brave enough to let go of what no longer sustains us?

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High Maintenance

Sometimes we find ourselves with a tank full of gas, prepared for the journey, except for the sense that something is not quite right.  In this case, the dashboard of my car glared back at me with the “MAINT REQ’D” message.  I immediately ran through my list of automobile maintenance:  gas, oil change, brakes, tires, tire alignment, mileage.  Then, it hit me, a single thought, mileage.  I looked at the dashboard and inspected the mileage on the car.  It was a lot of miles.  I could not remember when I’d last changed the oil in the car.  I looked for the sticky reminder inside the upper corner of the windshield, but it was not there.  After all of the miles I’d driven,  I could not remember the last time I had taken time for myself.