Embarrassing Moments


We’ve all had our share of embarrassing moments. I know I have, especially, when meeting someone for the first time.  Making that first great impression does not always go well and can be nerve-wrecking when meeting someone we admire.

My friend Jennifer shared a story on Book Riot about meeting one of her favorite authors. I will not name drop or spoil the ending. Her story is one of three finalists in a giveaway!

Read her story and two other very funny tales.

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Red Polka Dots

Sing when you feel lonely
Dance when your heart is blue
Wander into the garden
Find yourself anew

Let curiosity guide you
Under a magical sky
Ride horses to castles
Hidden among clouds

Follow the beckoning ferns
Into the treasure hunt
Seek and find the lady bugs
Bright, red polka dots of joy



As a child one of my favorite pastimes was to hunt for lady bugs among the plants and flowers in the garden. I would crouch down, wait and scan between the greenery for a tiny spec of red, for the subtlest movement, for a sign of life. The shooting in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub on June 12, 2016 taints life-embracing crimson-rich stories, replaces their images with the death and mayhem of a gunman walking among the living in search for the subtlest sign of life to blow it out.


I will not let this gunman become the new bogeyman of my psyche. I will seek polka-dotted lady bugs, buy red carnations, stop to smell the crimson roses in my garden, plant scarlet lipstick kisses on my children’s cheeks and bite into the decadent tartness of a bowl of cherries. I will not be lost in Wonderland. I will find my way home. And, I pray that we each do, too.


Then, there are days when

You get one of the twice-weekly emails from Leo Babauta, and it simply sums up the latest rendition of your life. Rinconez has been on hiatus. I miss connecting with you.  I have a yearning for making a better connection with you, but am having trouble formulating the vision. When this happens, I tend to go into deep thinking mode, and, yes, get quiet. But, it’s OK. Sometimes, I simply get impatient with myself and too often take much more on than I can handle. Some days, you really do feel like you just have nothing, but then you pause and realize, you probably already had something all along.

Some Days, You Just Have Nothing

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The Number 1 Casualty of Uncertainty

The potential loss of a job, the sudden change in health of a loved one, a troubled close relationship or any similar unwanted or unpleasant event looming over us often causes angst. We may feel we are headed into an Inevitable train wreck at full speed, with no certainty as to what could be around the corner.  We may fear the worse of all possible outcomes.

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The Ripple Effect of Stress

Your dripping faucet sounds louder than a set of timpani drums. You wake up exhausted on account of the overnight low pressure weather system. You are late for work because it took you much longer to get dressed this morning. You get to work only to wish you were back home due to having to sit all day in front of your computer. You should have taken a sick day or personal day at work. You just want to go home and crawl into bed and under your bedcovers. You are in pain.

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You Are Loved

Valentine’s Day may be highly commercialized, but it is a reminder that we are just as worthy of love, understanding, forgiveness and kindness as we may feel or believe everyone else is worthy of it. We may not always feel like we deserve it, but we are worthy of goodness, happiness and well being.

You are worthy of love. 

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