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Then, there are days when

You get one of the twice-weekly emails from Leo Babauta, and it simply sums up the latest rendition of your life. Rinconez has been on hiatus. I miss connecting with you.  I have a yearning for making a better connection with you, but am having trouble formulating the vision. When this happens, I tend to go into deep thinking mode, and, yes, get quiet. But, it’s OK. Sometimes, I simply get impatient with myself and too often take much more on than I can handle. Some days, you really do feel like you just have nothing, but then you pause and realize, you probably already had something all along.

Some Days, You Just Have Nothing

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The Number 1 Casualty of Uncertainty

The potential loss of a job, the sudden change in health of a loved one, a troubled close relationship or any similar unwanted or unpleasant event looming over us often causes angst. We may feel we are headed into an Inevitable train wreck at full speed, with no certainty as to what could be around the corner.  We may fear the worse of all possible outcomes.